Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting around Florence is, in many ways, terrifying - narrow sidewalks mean frequently stepping into the street to avoid running into people and, at the same time, steering clear of cars, buses, vespas and bikes. It will take a little while to get used to cars and vespas not really driving in lanes but just kind of going wherever they want.

Today Professor Francese bought all of us Florentine hot chocolate during our lunch break, which is really not hot chocolate but actually just liquified, melted chocolate. It's so thick and rich, and was covered in whipped cream, of course; I could barely finish it. Afterwards, a few of the girls and I went to lunch after we were swept in by an attractive waiter offering a student discount - pizza (more than I could finish) and a glass of wine and outdoor seating for 10 euro.

I just finished my Italian homework for the evening; soon it will be time for dinner, and then our first night out in the city as a group!

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