Friday, May 23, 2014

This is Giulio, one of the two kids in my host family, and I cannot describe in words how undeniably adorable this tiny human is. I was lucky enough to go to his first communion party, where he treated everyone to an hour long magic show - and the best part is that he is actually really great at magic tricks. It's come to a point where he will burst into our room whenever we're around with a new trick and a sly smirk when we reply "Come?" or "Brava!" and clap. The other night at dinner, he brought a small point and shoot camera to the table and started snapping pictures of all of us and trying to figure out how to get the flash to work. Practicing my Italian, I said, "Ho qualcosa per tu, un momento," and ran upstairs to grab my DSLR. When I brought it back down Giulio's eyes lit up and he ran around the back yard taking photos, so excited about using a "macchina fotografica professionale" that he tripped and fell (both he and my camera survived the fall). Checking the photos out later that evening, I came across this selfie that he took. I love this kid. 

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