Monday, June 2, 2014

On Friday we went on an excursion with our class to Modena, where we visited a cooperative that makes parmigiano reggiano cheese and a small balsamic vinegar business, both of which have refrained from drawing on newer technologies to create their product and still make cheese and balsamic like Italians did years ago. Professor Francese bought all of us a wedge of the parmigiano reggiano as a thank you for coming on the trip - he truly treats all of us like we are his grandkids. After touring both businesses, we sat down to a home-cooked meal prepared by a woman working at the balsamic vinegar business - pasta, veal and onions (I can't actually describe in words how good this tasted), cheese, salad (with their balsamic, of course) - everything was delicious. In addition to how impressed and interested I was with both of these small businesses, our bus ride to Modena and back to Florence took us through some of the most beautiful Italian landscapes I have seen thus far: hills turning into mountains, colorful homes and Italian farmland. Overall, a fantastic day trip that ended with a fun, late night with good friends at the bar.

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