Monday, July 21, 2014

For our last weekend together on study abroad (and after the hectic submission of our final papers) we took a trip down to Positano for the weekend to relax on the Amalfi coast and take in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. On our first full day there, we spent the afternoon swimming at the beach, which we had to go down 1700 stone steps to get to - and yes, we climbed back up them to get home. If that wasn't enough exercise alone, we hiked the Path of the Gods trail through the bluffs overlooking the Mediterranean. I can't say much more about the beauty of this place - my photos will have to suffice. One of my favorite parts, though, is how the clouds cut into the bluffs. It was one of the most eerie, but equally beautiful, things I've ever seen.

Our second day was spent on a boat on the Mediterranean, exploring the grottoes around Capri - one of which we had to swim through an underwater rock tunnel to get to. This was by far one of the most memorable experiences from that weekend for me. That, and practicing my Italian with the old woman running the only market near our apartment high up in the bluffs.

And Bobby unfortunately was stung by a jellyfish...

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